It is a white halloween pumpkin with a fox bat mask, the fox has four eyes and it is happy (even though sometimes a sinister look can be seen).

Inside there is a two-headed dancer with a crab pincers. The ears from the wolf mask are wolves with wings.

It is a very anguished mask, very suicidal, very melancholic, it goes aaaaaaaooooooooo with its mouth. Though I also see racoons with reddish parts connecting its tails.

I see a dissected rabbit on a bedsheet, its beard is velvety, I can see the texture of its beard and its mustache. It uses industrial boots, from its front legs penguins come out, from its anus comes out the head of a giraffe.

It is a white cat with black that is depressed, I see his eyes are deep-set. From where he should have hair, crocodile profiles come out. On its forehead it has a head with antennas or a tiny helmet with antennas, with something like an insect. It is a cat standing on two legs with a peashooter inside, the peashooter goes up its chest and throat. The body of the cat is the heads of a giant made of stone.

They are two rabbits, very stuck-up and very despotic scorning at each other, they are something of a housekeeper, as if they were going to take a little midnight dish, but they don’t take anything. I find their gesture elegant.

Two red pine martens climb a greengreyblueish organic structure even though it seems that the pine martens will fall if they manage to ascend. The leg that pushes them is being supported on the chest of a lion.

I see three images assembled from the bottom up: two fetus heads showing the back of their neck, the following is a smoking crow with something of a greek philosopher statue, the last image is a leaning beetle. In the middle a halo of colors stands out.

Two police officers dressed in violet with black helmets direct a marine dance in autumn, even though it is autumn it is colorful, even though it is marine at the bottom there is a metallic structure reminiscent of the Eiffel tower. The creatures that are the guests of the dance are very happy, there are some unicellular yellow ochre, orange, brown, yellow with orange eyes; there are some cockroaches and there are some are sea-horses. The ones that I like the most are the blue beetles moving gloomy palm tree leaves.

Sergio Ernesto Ríos

Traducción: Bernardo Núñez.